General terms and conditions of the present contract are concluded between, on one hand, the BRITTANY Company, Sports & Accessories, located 4, rue du Pont Chapet at Saint-Brieuc (22), REPLICA WORLD WAR II collection Distributor, registered to the authorities at Saint-Brieuc under the RCS n° 412 778 474.

Hereafter called BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II and, on other hand, anyone wishing to buy through the web site hereafter called the User. These conditions only concern, on an exclusive basis, the non-commercial physical people. The parts agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by the present contract, so far as in a specific agreement itself it is not expressly stipulating otherwise in writing. In case a term came to be lacking, it would be considered to be governed by the distant sale standards.



These hereafter terms intend to define the sale modalities between BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II and the User, from order to services, as well as the payment and the delivery. They govern each necessary step to order and ensure the best follow-up between the contracting parts.



The User will order through the web site or by mail. The order will only be effective if the user is clearly identified (name, first name, address etc…) and, be at least 18 years old or holder of a parental consent. Any order means acceptance of the price as well as the description of the products available on sales and has to be an equal or a superior in 15 euro. Any contesting on this point will intervene through a possible exchange and guarantees below mentioned. BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II Company undertakes to respect the orders received on the web site only within the stock quantity limits. In defect, we undertake to inform the User of this lack.



The prices are quoted in Euros all taxes included. The applicable VAT is the one of the day of the order. Any change in the applicable rate will be applied on the product prices. After that date, they may be changed at any time. However the prices cannot be changed once the order registered. Furthermore, if one or several taxes or specific environmental conditions will have to be created or modified, higher as well as lower, this change can be applied on the sale price of the items mentioned on the « » web site and sale documents. The prices of the products ordered on the site do not constitute a firm offer.



Our products are sent at the addressee risks. In case of loss, damages or delays, it is of the user to formulate reserves with the carrier, by stating whether or not the products or part of the products are accepted. Those reserves must be noticed on the Contract Carrier, with the mention « check with the deliver, under reserve of unpacking control» and confirmed in written by register letter to BRITTANY within two (2) days from completion of the Acceptance. Any dispute for which our Clients would not have respected those conditions would not be considered. Deliveries are quoted according to the conditions annually communicated with the rate. They can take place in a split way. BRITTANY will be relieved from its delivery for any fortuitous event or force majeure, duly justified. Nevertheless, BRITTANY will deliver the available products, in the date of the event above-mentioned.



Periods are only given for information but do not constitute a firm commitment. Delays cannot justify the slightest reparation. However current orders, not delivered in the initially estimated periods, can exceptionally be cancelled or reimbursed, without result in a period more than 2 months. The respect of the indicative delivery period assumes that the user meets his obligations.



Prices are quoted and total payment shall be made in Euro (Credit Card or Check) in their completeness, the day of the order. No delay can be accepted.



In case the Products or part of the Products are not accepted by Customer a written notice will specify the particulars of the alleged deviation from the Acceptance, within fifteen days from the Customer’s receipt. Products or part of the Products not accepted by Customer will be returned at his own expenses. BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II will check that the Products or part of the Products will operate and perform in accordance with the Specification and will reimburse or replace, on its own free will, those considered justifiable. The other products will be available to the User. In case of excessive returns, BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II reserves the right to refuse a later order.



Any product is submitted to a contractual guarantee that does not prevent from the legal guarantee mentioned in standards 1641 according to the Civil Code. The User benefits of a guarantee for products allowing the sending back of the defective goods according to the Consumer Code.



In any case, the on-line Credit Card number registration as well as the final order approval valid evidence of the order completeness according to the standard dated March 13th, 2000 and will be worth pay ability of the amounts engaged by the seizure of the products mentioned on the order form. This validation is worth signature and express acceptation of any operation realized via the site. BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II Company has for any step of the contract a result obligation. So, BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II Company undertakes to describe with the biggest exactness the products sold on the web site « ». Our responsibility could not be engaged for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet network, notably a service break, an outside intervention or the presence of computer virus. By indicating his e-mail, the user will receive an order confirmation and may be informed of BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II offers. If he does not wish it, a demand can be sent at any time via Internet.



Any « »elements, visual or sounds, as well as the underlying technology, are protected by the copyright, labels and patents. They are BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II exclusive property. The User, having his own Internet site and wishing to place, on his site a direct link to the «” home page or others will necessarily has to require BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II approval. Any hypertext link connecting the site and using the framing or in-line technique is formally forbidden. In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized will have to be removed on simple demand from BRITTANY, REPLICA WORL WAR 2.



In case of any dispute, the Commercial Court of BRITTANY, REPLICA WORLD WAR II Head Office will be competent even if it is about incidental proceedings against the guarantor which may take the form of giving third-party notice or in case of defendant’s plurality