The Assembly vote against the fascist Duce"


Rome, July 24, 1943

The courtiers Mussolini turned against him. During the first Fascist Grand Council since 1939, the return to a constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliament, was adopted by nineteen votes against and seven abstentions. The Duce far seems to despise this palace revolution. Until now, the Grand Council had only served to endorse the decisions of the dictator.
Recalcitrant fascists led by Dino Grandi, once a close friend and admirer of Mussolini, accompanied by Giuseppe Bottai and
Count Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolini's son. But Mussolini did not realize that the hierarchs had the support of the King
Victor Emmanuel, Crown Prince Umberto and Marshal Badoglio.
Recent attempts Carlo Scorza, true second dictator
Italy, to increase the influence of the party in the strata of society, the constant defeats of the army and the recent significant losses in aviation, all eventually rally opposition to Mussolini.

(Text excerpt from the book "Chronicle of the Second World War")